Frequently asked questions

How do I get my personal code to save 20%?

Simply register your details – you'll need to use your company email address – and we'll email you it.

I've deleted my email/text containing my code - can I get another?

Yes – just register your details again and we'll resend your code.

How long is my code valid for?

Your code is valid for six months after issuance. There will be an expiry date included in your email.

Do I have to register every six months to get a new discount code?

Yes – once your code expires you will need to re-register and we'll send you a new discount code.

Can someone else use my discount code?

No. Your code is personal to you. You need to be present and dining to use it.

How often can I can use my discount code?

Whenever you like, as long as you go along with our terms and conditions.

Why can't I use my personal email address?

In order to confirm that you're an employee of a third party supplier to Mitchells & Butlers, we ask that you register using your company email address. Discount codes cannot be sent to personal email addresses.